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The phenomenon of superconductivity has captured the imagination of specialists and general public alike, ever since its discovery a hundred years ago. In our laboratory we focus on the study of unconventional and disordered superconductors using a combination of magneto-transport, tunneling (planar tunnel junctions and Scanning tunneling spectroscopy), Andreev reflection spectroscopy and penetration depth measurements. Using a variety of home-built systems we perform these measurements down to 300mK and up to magnetic fields of 12 Tesla. You will find more details of our work in our research pages


Prof.Pratap Raychaudhuri was awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award 2014,on 26th September 2014.

2013 Publications

Book Review

40 Years of Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Theory, Jorge V. Jose (ed.).
World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, Singapore (2013)
reviewed by Pratap Raychaudhuri
Current Science, Vol. 105, No. 10,25 November 2013


A 350 mK, 9 T scanning tunneling microscope for the study of superconducting thin films on insulating substrates and single crystals
Anand Kamlapure, Garima Saraswat, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Vivas Bagwe, Pratap Raychaudhuri, and Subash P. Pai
Review of Scientific Instruments 84, 123905 (2013).

Papers on Disordered Superconductors

Correlated Conductance Fluctuations Close to the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in Ultrathin NbN Films
R. Koushik, Siddhartha Kumar, Kazi Rafsanjani Amin, Mintu Mondal, John Jesudasan, Aveek Bid, Pratap Raychaudhuri, and Arindam Ghosh
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 197001 (2013).

Emergence of nanoscale inhomogeneity in the superconducting state of a homogeneously disordered conventional superconductor
Anand Kamlapure, Tanmay Das, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Jayesh B. Parmar, Somnath Bhattacharyya and Pratap Raychaudhuri
Scientific Reports 3, 2979 (2013).

Universal scaling of the order-parameter distribution in strongly disordered superconductors
G. Lemarie, A. Kamlapure, D. Bucheli, L. Benfatto, J. Lorenzana, G. Seibold, S. C. Ganguli, P. Raychaudhuri, and C. Castellani
Phys. Rev. B 87, 184509 (2013).

Enhancement of the finite-frequency superfluid response in the pseudogap regime of strongly disordered superconducting films
Mintu Mondal, Anand Kamlapure, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, John Jesudasan, Vivas Bagwe, Lara Benfatto and Pratap Raychaudhuri
Scientific Reports 3, 1357 (2013)

A two-coil mutual inductance technique to study matching effect in disordered NbN thin films
Sanjeev Kumar, Chandan Kumar, John Jesudasan, Vivas Bagwe, Pratap Raychaudhuri, and Sangita Bose
Applied Physics Letters 103, 262601 (2013)

Other Papers

Superconductivity at the highest transition temperature of 8.1 K in a simple cubic Au x Sb 1-x-y Te y alloy system synthesized under high pressure
A. Iyo, K. Hira, K. Tokiwa, Y. Tanaka, I. Hase, T. Yanagisawa, N. Takeshita, K. Kihou, C. H. Lee, P. M. Shirage, P. Raychaudhuri, and H. Eisaki
Superconductor Science and Technology 27, 025005 (2014)

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