Swarna K Ghosh's activities in the Far Infrared Astronomy :

Balloon borne Far Infrared Programme

This group owns a 100 cm balloon borne Far Infrared Telescope which is regularly (twice a year) flown for making astronomical observations of Galactic Star Forming regions including Dense Molecular clumps, Bipolar outflow sources, H II regins, Spiral galaxies, etc.

This FIR telescope is launched from the TIFR Balloon Facility at Hyderabad in central India.

The balloon borne telescope uses an optical Star Tracker and Rate Gyroscopes to orient and stabilise the platform to an angular accuracy of 15-20" (rms).

The focal plane instruments at this 1 metre telescope includes : two band far infrared photometers cryogenically cooled to 0.3 deg. K using 3He dilution refrigerator.