Swarna K Ghosh's activities in the Near Infrared Astronomy :


The group has acquired a SBRC Indium Antimonide 2-D Array detector (58 x 62) which is being incorporated into an astronomical imaging camera at 1.2, 1.6, 2.2, 3.5 (narrow band at 3.9) and 4.5 microns.

The Array is cooled by a closed cycle cooler which keeps the array at its optimum temperature of ~ 35 K. Selectable multiple choice reimaging optics interfaces the telescope optics to the camera.

This camera is being used at the Cassegrain focus of existing optical /infrared telescopes in India (viz. 2 metre Himalayan Chandra Telescope at Hanle ; 1.2 metre Infrared Telescope at Gurushikar near Mount Abu)