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Welcome to Transport Facility Committee Page.

Transport Facility Committee (TFC) is a committee formed by Sports Club of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research to handle transport facility through private transport service for TIFR employees/ Students / Visitors. You can get some information by clicking on left side menu.

General Guideline for Members

1:   In order to get equal chance of seating to  the members boarding from CST and Churchgate while coming to TIFR in morning,  the front four rows on left hand side (i.e. three seater / behind the driver) and three rows on right hand side (i.e. two seater,  totally 18 seats) are reserved for Churchgate members. The CST members are hereby requested to vacate this seats reserved for Churchgate members when bus reaches Churchgate stop. The CST members can occupy front vacant seats only when all the Churchgate members are get seated. Hope that the CST members will co-operate in this matter and respect the sentiment of fellow members boarding from Churchgate. 

2. All the members are requested to alight / board busses at designated bus stops only. If they have to alight at any other place they can only request the bus driver but refrain from arguing with him.      

3: In case of lost / misplace bus pass new bus pass will be reissued by paying penalty of Rs25.

 Members are encourage to write e-mail : for any complaints /suggestion / feedback. 

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