Transport Facility Committee

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai 400 005

Welcome to Transport Facility Committee Page.

                     Forms for downloading, bus charges and TFC bus timings are available here. Please download the required form and submit to any TFC member
    For those who want to avail TIFR bus facility: (If you have NOT already done)
  • For TIFR regular member please  download Bus Pass Requision Form from  here  and then handover filled  form  to any Transport Facility Committee (TFC) member. Also download  authorization form ( docpdf ) for deduction of monthly subscription towards bus charge. Please fill it and submit along with Bus Pass requisition.

  • Bus pass requisition form for Family members of Colaba Colony Residence:(docpdf , excel  )
  • Bus pass requisition form for Non-TIFR member working in TIFR: (docpdf )
  • Bus pass requisition form for Lost bus pass  (docpdf )

  • Bus charges for availing TFC / TIFR  bus facility: ( tfc-bus-schedule )
  • Bus Schedule   ( tfc-bus-schedule )

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