About TSS

About TSS

The TIFR Students’ Society (TSS) is an organization whose primary objective is the welfare of the entire student community of TIFR. We constantly strive to improve the quality of life on our campus by appealing to the administration to upgrade the existing infrastructure and by coaxing them into providing better amenities for the students.

We also try our best to take care of any complaints/grievances that any student might have. In addition, we put considerable effort into organizing various sporting and cultural events throughout the year with the intention of providing some welcome relief from the monotony of research life as well as promoting a sense of bonding within the student community.

Occasions, occasions…

The current committee of TSS, which has been in place since April last year, has quite a few feathers to show in its cap. We started off by organizing a party to welcome the freshers in August last year, where both the freshers and the seniors enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We made arrangements for celebrating Janmastami, Diwali, Saraswati Puja and Holi on our campus. In January, we organized a dinner party on the terrace of Brahmagupta, which was undeniably a smashing success.

TSS for everyone

In parallel, the Amateur Music Association (AMA), sought to provide some entertainment to the more musically inclined by organizing concerts in Indian classical music within the campus. For the students who have a flair for writing, sketching or photography, we provided them a platform to showcase their talent by launching the TSS web magazine.

Meanwhile, even the sports enthusiasts had nothing to complain about with TSS organizing inter-departmental tournaments in cricket and volleyball, as well as both singles and doubles tournaments in badminton and table tennis.

For movie buffs, we organize a hostel movie show in the main lecture theatre (AG-66) on Friday/Saturday nights, almost every week. In October last year, we even purchased a 5.1-channel Philips home theatre system for screening the movies, in order to further enhance the experience.

We are proud to say that, after a lot of hassle, we finally managed to get the proposal for a separate music room for the students sanctioned by the administration. We are hopeful that the music room would be ready and accessible to all the students in a couple of months.

Promises for the future

We promise to keep working tirelessly and serve the needs of the student community. And finally, we would like to thank all the students for their constant encouragement, enthusiasm and support, without which none of this would have ever been possible.