Issue 1 (March 2012)

On the cover: The spatial structure of a 2D quasicrystal with 5-fold symmetry. Courtesy:michaelerule. Licensed under creative commons non-commercial attribution share alike 3.0.

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by The Editors
Every self-respecting institute has a magazine. The question, then, is: Are we a self-respecting institute?…more


The Door
by Rickmoy Samanta
Yes, a door… but not a simple one which You can open easily and get to the other side…more

The Creatures of Prometheus
by Saikat Nandi
And, this is how the glass was shattered, to fill up the infinite silence. High above the mountains lived Réne…more

Notes of a Screenplay
by Rahul Dandekar
The setting is a medium-sized room with a wooden cupboard, a writing desk with a laptop and quite a few papers and books lying on it…more

The Illusion of War
by Debjyoti Bardhan
It was Sunday. The wind blew swiftly through his hair, rummaging a few streaks while caressing a few others…more

A Note
by Sagar Kolte
Dear Mariyam,
I called you over for coffee to my place today at four in the evening, and yet here you are, I assume at the right time…more

Cracker Rage
by Rahul Dandekar
Usually I am woken up from my deep late-morning slumber by the hunger pangs which strike at exactly 12:30…more

This is Going to Hurt Just a Little Bit
by Arko Bose
Having a dentist as a friend can be intimidating on rare occasions. I learned this the hard way…more


Gokul – A Pilgrimage
by Sayan Chakraborti
Unfortunately no one can be told what Gokul is. You need to experience it for yourself.” This is what the introduction to Gokul on an online community used to say…more

Oh Bombay! I Hate You, Like I Love You
by Shweta Ramdas
There are two places that make me aware, in a very visceral way, of just how many people there are in this world. One of them is Tirupati, the other Victoria Terminus in Bombay… more

The Mystery of a Lost Friend
by Indu Nair
It was a rainy day which turned out to be gloomier than what the morning had intimated. I woke up to find out that he was not present where he used to be…more

And… Then I was None
by Vivek Singh
I am going through a crisis. No I am not one bit worried or altered by the financial crisis. I am way too happy, lazing around in academic cocoon…more

Trekking on the Sahyadris
by Sayantan Sharma
I have been visiting the Sahyadris regularly for four years now and I thought that I should share my experiences with you all…more

A Miscarriage of Justice
by Dipankar Nath
A flock of pigeons descended on the yard where the freshly harvested rice grains were being dried in the sun. Instinctively he ran towards the yard…more

Mumbai, as I Knew Her
by Sayantan Sharma
It is a huge city where people come from all parts of the country to pursue their dreams. It is a busy place teeming with life…more


by Pritam Bhattacharya
In rotting decadence I stealthily prowl,
Ignoring reason, and its warning growl…more

The Truth
by Shibdas Banerjee
I disappear in the sky as you love the blue;
And in the darkness of night, I can’t find any clue…more

Life Speaks
by Deepak Tiwari
Explored through my layers,
The mortals with their all endeavours…more

My Gmail: An English Ghazal
by eyespark
i repeatedly reload my gmail
has she mailed i goad my gmail…more

Godel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem in Limerick
by Manoj Gopalakrishnan
once i took a class in logic
where with cunning diabolic…more

निखिल मिश्रा
“बात है निराली”, पहले मैं ऐसा कहता,
सुखों में भी मैं अत्यंत …more

दीपक तिवारी
दूर बहुत आ गए हम तो,
जाने अब मेरा गाँव कहाँ?…

शांति या संताप
निखिल मिश्रा
धर्म करो और कर्म करो, पुण्य करो या पाप,
पुण्य करोगे शांति मिलेगी, पाप करो- संताप…more

मुस्कुराहट – एक जज़्बा
सतीश गणवीर
तुम्हारी मुस्कुराहटो ने मुझे फिर एक बार, उस मुकाम पर ला खड़ा किया है…more

मुझे पता है
सतीश गणवीर
जीवन से मुझे क्या चाहिए? यह मुझे निश्चित पता है |
मेरा जीवन और मेरी भावनाएं, बस येही हैं, जिनके प्रति मैं सचेत हूँ …more


The Sun and I
by Prof. Amol Dighe
Needless to say, the sun started shining somewhen around 4.5 billion years before I was born…more

The Enigma of Entropy
by Prof. Deepak Dhar
One of the most mysterious of laws of nature is the second law of thermodynamics. There are several equivalent formulations of this law…more

Evolution: Absurd Signs Tell a Story
by Debjyoti Bardhan
Thoughts entered a whole new regime on the 24th of November, 1859. There were earlier suspicions that this dark dungeon of thought might exist…more

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