Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed University)

Visiting Students' Research Programme (VSRP-2014)

VSRP Programme Schedule

 May 10 (Sat)   NSF/STCS VSRPs and Academy Summer Students arrive
 May 11 (Sun)
 May 12 (Mon)   Registration (Starts 10:00)†
 May 13 (Tue)   Inaugural Function (1600 hrs.- AG-66)

Venue : AG-66  -  Time : 11:00 to 13:00
Attendance for all VSRPs is compulsory
 May 20 (Tue)  Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
 May 21 (Wed)  Department of High Energy Physics
 May 22 (Thu)  Departmental of Chemical Sciences 
 May 23 (Fri)  Department of Condensed Matter Physics and
 Materials Science 
 May 26 (Mon)  Department of Biological Sciences
 Prof. Krishanu Ray
 May 27 (Tue)  Department of Nuclear and Atomic Physics (AG-69)
 May 28 (Wed)  Department of Theoretical Physics (AG-69)

Venue : AG-66  -  Time : 17:30 to 18:30
Attendance for all VSRPs is compulsory
 June 3 (Tue)   Prof. Gobinda Majumder :
 "The Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs hunting machine"
 June 5 (Thu)   Mr K.V. Srinivasan :
 "Cryogenic Techniques and its applications "
 June 6 (Fri)   
 June 9 (Mon)   Prof. Subhabrata Majumdar :
 "Cosmic Microwave Background and the Early Universe" 
 June 10 (Tue)   Prof. Deepa Khushalani : " World's Energy Crisis - Shedding some Light"
 June 13 (Fri)   Prof. Amol Dighe : Those invisible neutrinos and their astroparticle physics
 June 16 (Mon)    Mrs Oindrila Raychaudhuri :
 "From Artists' Studio to the Science Institute"- The story of TIFR Art Collection
 June 17 (Tue)   Prof. R. Vijayaraghavan : "Superconducting Quantum Circuits"
 June 23 (Mon)  Prof. Vidita Vaidya : "The emotional brain"
 June 24 (Tue)  Prof. Deepak Mathur : "Adventures on the interface of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering" 

 June 7/8 (Sat/Sun)   Maths VSRPs Arrive
 June 9 (Mon)   Maths VSRP Program commences
 June 21 (Sat)   TAPS visit (1st Batch) 
 June 28 (Sat)   TAPS visit (2nd Batch) 

 Jul 2 (Wed)

  Last date for Submission of Project  Report

 Jul 7 & 8
 (Mon / Tue)
  Project Presentations
 Jul 9 (Wed)

 Group Photo (11:00 am, TIFR Colonnade) and
 Conclusion program (16:30 hrs., East Canteen)

 Jul 10 (Thu)

 VSRPs leave.
 Flats to be vacated by evening.