Following its principal mandate, the TIFR Women Cell has over the years dealt with several complaints of sexual harassment received from TIFR staff members, students etc., Carrying out an enquiry following well laid out procedures, attempting to resolve the problem through meditation and counselling, recommending to the director appropriate punitive action against perpetrators and assistance to the victims are some of the aspects, treated diligently and with due confidentiality.

TWC has also addressed issues concerning women specific needs at the workplace, one of the major achievements of the women cell has been the establishment of the TIFR child care centre on the campus. It started on June 16, 2003, and is a thriving day care centre, which has greatly helped working women and also present-day fathers shouldering a good bit of child care responsibility.

The Women's Cell has also actively engaged itself in awareness programs organizing public lectures, plays, preventive cancer check-ups, transcendental meditation course etc.