From Artists' Studio to Science Institute

TIFR, a premier institute for research and education in India, is also the home to a priceless collection of very high quality art – which makes it unique among scientific institutions anywhere in the world. On his 112th birthday, we pay homage to the Founder of the Institute, Dr. Homi Bhabha, and narrate the story of how he built up the art collection at TIFR.

From Artists' Studio to Science Institute is an exhibition on the TIFR Art Collection, its history and the multiple threads that run through it. It has been compiled by the TIFR Archives Section. The digital exhibit is divided into four parts

1.) Homi Bhabha and the Art Collection at TIFR

2.) Progressive Artists' Group and the TIFR Art Collection

3.) The Mural Story

4.) Artists of the Third Epoch