Friday, 27/11/2020       

Lecture Theatre & Auditorium Facility (LTAF)

Lecture Theatre & Auditorium Facility of TIFR is responsible for providing audio-visual services for lectures and colloquia in the main lecture theatres of the institute, namely, AG 66, AG 80, AG 69 and Homi Bhabha Auditorium. The facility maintains its audio visual equipment like projectors, mike, amplifiers. LTAF also provides projection facility and Video Conferencing facility in Conference room, AG 66, AG 69, AG 80, A 414, Faculty lounge, D 405 and D 406.

Booking of lecture rooms AG 66, AG 69 and AG 80 can be made through Datanet.   Booking of A-414 and Faculty Lounge can be made from through the Director's office and booking of D 405 and D 406 can be made through Registrar's office.
In addition to the main lecture halls, the institute has several additional lecture rooms maintained by individual departments. To hold any lecture in these rooms please contact the Chairperson of the respective department.


Mr. Sangam Sinha  : 2278 2616
Mr. R.K. Mistry          : 2278 2521/2561
Mr. S.H. Ghadiali     : 2278 2521/2561