At TIFR we enthusiastically welcome partnership with investors and corporations who share our vision of developing new technologies for the benefit of both the scientific community as well as the society. We recognize that the seed to all new technologies relies on a strong base of fundamental science and research, which needs adequate and timely support from the government and the private sector.

TIFR has traditionally delivered technological solutions starting with the first India made digital computer in 1956, the TIFRAC. The deep rooted excitement in building equipment had led to delivery of many scientific equipment, some of which have been commercialized by companies; the latest being the TIFR-made design of an ultrasensitive Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometer, marketed by Holmarc Inc.

Our faculty in many departments are supported by industrial funding and we continue to strive for working with the industry to develop new practical solutions to challenging problems that often inhibit product development.

If you are a private investor and looking to collaborate with TIFR on building fundamental or applied technological tools, please contact the TIFR Public Information Officer.

We look forward to your partnership as we continue to strive towards developing beneficial technologies for the society.