Research in mathematics across TIFR is focussed within the School of Mathematics at TIFR, Mumbai, the Center for Applicable Mathematics, Bengaluru, the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru and the National Centre for Mathematics, Mumbai.

School of Mathematics, Mumbai

The School of Mathematics at TIFR Mumbai conducts research in all areas of mathematics, with emphasis on pure mathematics. Currently active areas include algebraic geometry, number theory, ergodic theory, Lie groups, representation theory, combinatorics and discrete mathematics, geometry and topology, dynamics, and probability. With a rich history of eminent mathematicians of the past century, the mathematics department has been a world leader in the development of fundamental mathematical proofs.

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Center for Applicable Mathematics, Bengaluru

The TIFR Centre in Bengaluru is a part of the School of Mathematics of the TIFR Mumbai. Since the mid-seventies, many renowned mathematicians from India and abroad have contributed to the development of the Centre. Research at advanced level is currently pursued at the Centre in both theoretical and numerical aspects of differential equations, namely, the applications of nonlinear functional analysis in the study of differential equations, control aspects and numerical analysis of partial differential equations, including atmospheric dynamics, hyperbolic equations and conservation laws, homogenization and solid-fluid interactions, and microlocal analysis.

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International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru

The main idea of the mathematics unit is to develop research that draws inspiration from and connects to different mathematical disciplines and also to encourage collaborations with scientists in areas such as biology, physics, social sciences, earth sciences , computer science, and many others, thus making it an integral part of the scientific ecosystem within ICTS.

The group pursues a wide range of mathematical, statistical and computational research themes. In particular, current research includes dynamical systems, probability, nonlinear partial differential equations, geometry and mathematical physics.

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National Center for Mathematics

The National Center for Mathematics (NCM) is a joint collaborative project with the Department of Mathematics at IIT, Bombay. It was set up to overcome the shortage of Ph.D. level courses in advanced mathematics in the country as many Universities lack the required faculty and numbers.

The NCM runs several schools every year with student participation from all over the country. Besides this, the NCM conducts training programs for teachers and research workshops in a diverse range of advanced topics.These programs are held at venues all over the country.

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