Public Lectures of 2012 - 2017

  • "Two Planets: Challenges of Living and Prospering on Earth and Mars" by Prof. Frank Shu     

  • "A Nuclear-Climate Connection?" by Prof. Robert Rosner     

  • "Computing Reality" by Prof. David B. Kaplan     

  • Fun Science with Inanimate and Living Bacteria : Flocking and Nano Heat Engineā€ by Prof. Ajay Sood (Pt.-I) (Pt.-II)

  • The top scientific breakthrough of 2016: The detection of Gravitational Waves by LIGO by Prof. Bala Iyer     

  • Cosmic-rays with IceCube and IceTop at the South Pole by Prof. Thomas K.Gaisser     

  • Quantum entanglement, strange metals and black holes by Dr. Subir Sachdev     

  • "Exotic Order?" by Prof. Dov Levine     

  • Exploring Nature Moments after the Big Bang by Prof. Sir Tejinder Singh Virdee     

  • The Higgs Boson and our Life by Dr. Fabiola Gianotti     

  • "The Spin on Electronics"   by  Prof. Stuart Parkin
  • "What all can intense light do?"   by Prof. Toshiki Tajima

  • "Tapping brain stem cells to improve memory and mood"  by Dr. Rene Hen


  • "Is the simplest chemical reaction really so simple?'  by  Prof. Richard Zare


  • Brain Gain: Fundamental Research in India" TAA-JRD Tata Public Lecture - Prof. Subir Sarkar


  • Questioning the Past: an Exercise in Early Indian History - Prof. Romila Thapar


  • Nanoscience and the future of Global Carbon Cycle - Prof. Paul Alivisatos    

  • Science & technology in aid of Archaeology - Dr. R.S. Bisht     

  •  The cultural impact of Euclid's elements by Dr. Sonja Brentjis

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Part 2: