Submission guidelines for TIFR Science News 

We welcome submissions from all scientific staff of TIFR. The article should preferably be in a style that reaches out to a wide audience.

Articles can be submitted to the Science Communication Officer at with the following information. If the author is not a faculty member, the article must be vetted by the faculty member in-charge.

  • File type: Word or any text format
  • Word Limit: 1000
  • Title (60 characters maximum)
  • Contact person in case of any query. Note that the author/contact person's name is linked to People Finder, so that interested readers can direct their queries to the author/contact person. If the author/contact person considers the question relevant enough to be published along with the article please copy the thread with the question and the answer to with subject line 'TSN-Q & A'.
  • Text must not contain embedded images.
  • References and/or links to relevant websites may be included.


Image Format:

  • File type: jpeg, png
  • Caption (200 characters maximum):
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Width>Height


Copyright Declaration: An email will be sent to the author, stating ‘I certify that I hold the copyright to the text and this image. I grant TIFR the copyright to display/publish this article and use it in publicity material and reports under Creative Commons By 4.0 International License’. The article will be published only after the author responds to this email.




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