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Twin LIGOs detect another Binary Black Hole merger!      16 June 2016

Drum beats from a one atom thick graphite membrane  15 June 2016
DNA damage by ultrashort pulses of intense laser light  13 June 2016
Novel Functionalized Nanomaterials for CO2 Capture  9 May 2016

Simulation of prehistoric population dynamics using current topographical satellite data  6 May 2016

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Clocking the rotation rate of a supermassive black hole  11 March 2016

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First new 'Atom-Smasher' since the LHC, comes online  3 March 2016

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TIFR Balloon Facility launches space capsule for Singapore experiment  22 Feb 2016

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Leading bugs to the death chamber: A kinder face of cholesterol  8 Feb 2016


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