Large Area X-ray Proportional Counter

Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, TIFR

Launched on September 28, 2015

LaxpcSoft is developed at TIFR/IUCAA (for more details, see respective README files). All the LAXPC science publications so far has used this software package. It contains total five packages plus response files of three LAXPC detectors:
  • laxpcl1 & backshift (Main)
  • Response files of thtree laxpc detectors
  • Fits_event_make
  • Fits FreqLag
  • Fits Spectrum
  • Fits lightcurve

  • Log of Gain & HV in LAXPC Detectors.

    Checksum files for Gain & HV

    LAXPC Level-1 Data can be analysed with LaxpcSoft code, which can be downloaded from link below.

    laxpcl1 & backshiftv3, version 3.4.3, Release:07May2022

    Older release versions are here

    laxpcl1 & backshift (Main)

    The tar file contains main packages and files for analysing level-1 data from the LAXPC instrument. The software includes two Fortran programs:

    laxpcl1.f To process the level-1 data and generate the event file, light curve, spectrum for source and background as well as GTI file

    backshift.f To apply gain shift to align the background spectrum with the source spectrum and identify the required response file

    for more details, check the readme files for these programs (readme.laxpcl1 readme.backshift).
    makefiles are provided to compile the program using gfortran or ifort compilers:
    makefile.gfortran for gfortran compiler
    makefile.ifort for the INTEL ifort compiler
    For other compilers the makefile can be appropriately modified.

    These programs are mostly written in Fortran-77 but they do use some features of Fortran 90 and hence will not work with f77 or equivalent compilers. No external library other than the standard Fortran libraries are required.
    Rename the required version of makefile to 'makefile' and compile the program using
    make laxpcl1
    make backshift
    The executable file is produced with extension .e

    Response file for LAXPC10 detector (Release:14Feb2019)
    (md5:5a100305a9ac2ed36f8e891badb669ae )

    Response file for LAXPC30 detector (Release:14Feb2019)
    (md5:ec72331a1dddc7c6b1f64285f7e5294d )

    Please acknowledge use of software with "LaxpcSoft software is used for analysis" in your science publication.

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