Welcome to the Atomic and Molecular Sciences Laboratory. We, as a group, share an enthusiasm for studies of ultrafast phenomena that occurs when matter is exposed to very strong optical fields. What are strong optical fields? Those that are generated using laser pulses which are short enough to produce peak intensities at which the magnitude of the optical field begins to match (or even surpass) Coulombic fields within atoms and molecules! Typically, such fields come into being with peak laser intensities of around 1016 W cm-2.

We accomplish such intensities by compressing laser pulses so that their duration is only a few femtoseconds. Our laser systems are capable of routinely generating pulses of 5 fs, 10 fs, 22 fs, 35 fs and 40 fs duration. The state-of-the-art instruments in our laboratory, some of which is developed entirely by us,not only provide us with the tools to investigate the physical properties of matter under intense illumination and but are also great learning platforms for motivated youngsters.

As you will see, we are a group with diverse interests . . .

Principal Investigator | Prof. Deepak Mathur || Contact | atmol1(at)tifr.res.in