Bombay Association for Science Education

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The Bombay Association for Science Education is a wholly voluntary organization dedicated to improving communication between scientists and science teachers and students. For this purpose, the Association organizes several workshops, symposia and topical meetings on various aspects of science and science education. 

It was started in 1972 by scientists at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and has been led by them for most of this period. Its current Chairman is Prof. D. V. Prabhu

Among our past Chairmen are the following Indian Scientists:

Prof. R. R. Daniel,
Prof. B. Venkataraman,
Prof. P. V. S. Rao,
Prof. S. M. Chitre,
Prof. K. S. V. Santhanam,
Dr. S. Ramani,
Prof. S. A. Stephens,
Prof. T. N. Reganrajan,
Dr. V. S. Venkatavardan
Prof. M.N. Vahia
Dr. P.K. Joshi
Prof. D.V.Prabhu

More details on BASE can be obtained in the document: BASE programmes.

For this year's programme calander please click here

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