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Types of Balloons

Balloons available for users

Customized balloons also designed and fabricated as per user requirement.


These are aerodynamically shaped balloons with fins and can provide a relatively stable platform. 3.25 cu.m. Balloon which can take a payload of 1 kg to 500 meters. 9.9 cu.m. Balloon which can take a payload of 1 kg to 1 km or 3 kg payload to 550 meters. These balloons can be handled easily and can be hoisted from remote places by 3 to 4 persons. Useful for boundary layer studies and to test flight electronic packages in airborne conditions.

Tethered Balloons (Natural shape)

Natural shape balloons upto 275 cu.m. for carrying medium weight payloads from 50 kg to 150 kg. Hoisting can be done under low surface wind conditions

Special Balloons for lab and ground tests

These balloons are exclusively manufactured for lab tests and ground observations. used by many organisations to test their prototypes and payloads.