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Environmental Chambers

One Thermovac Chamber with a size of 1 m dia. x 1.5 m capable of attaining a vacuum level of 3.3 x 10 -5 hpa and temperature control in the range : -40 °C to + 80 °C.

One Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Low Temperature vacuum Chamber of size 540 mm x 540 mm x 540 mm height. It can be cooled to -100 °C.

img/Thermovac1.jpg img/Thermovac2.jpg

Two Low Temperature Chambers of size 750 mm x 350 mm x 400 mm height, each with minimum attainable temperature of -15 deg C.

One Bell Jar type Vacuum Chamber of size 300 mm dia. x 400 mm height that can be evacuated to 0.5 milli bar.