CD Distribution System with LDAP Login

Student Interns

Mangirish Hedukar

Nauman Sakharkar

Suyash Jadhav

Azoni Prawin

Project Description

CD Distribution System is a Web based tool for the CD circulation process, which will be used to manage the automate CD distribution process for TIFR users. Online access by users to the inventory of software CDs available at computer center. The application also provides the mechanism to active and de-active the CD from inventory list as and whenever required.

Skill Set

The main skill set required for this project include Javascript, PHP, MySQL application development.

Team and Project Information

The project was handled a team of 4 students


SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Sion


B.Sc Computer Science


01 May 2018 to 30 June 2018


Kausalya Srinivas

Project Guide

Siraj Momin

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