TIFR is now enrolled with eduroam network. Eduroam is an international initiative that allows members of educational establishments to gain internet access at other member sites easily, using credentials from their home site in a secure manner.

Institutions supporting eduroam in India can be found here.

Institutions supporting eduroam in Asia Pacific can be found here.

More details about eduroam can be found here.

Advantages with Eduroam at TIFR

  • Seamless wireless across academic institutes who are members of eduroam. TIFR users visiting most universities in countries within or outside India can use free WiFi with their LDAP ID, with just a one-time setup done at TIFR campus.

  • Eduroam is integrated to LDAP. Users can connect with TIFR LDAP credentials. Members of TIFR-WIFI are automatically users of eduroam.

  • Traffic over eduroam is secure and encrypted for security reasons.

  • No need to get Wi-Fi access at host institutes for simple internet access and browsing.

  • Eduroam works on most of the devices.

  • Built in redundancy at TIFR for Eduroam network to ensure maximum uptime.

  • Trouble free Wi-Fi access to your guests who are from institutes which are part of eduroam network. Visitors to TIFR will be able to connect to TIFR eduroam network with their respective university's login credentials. TIFR Faculty need not generate special requests for their internet access.

Connecting to Eduroam at TIFR

Configure your device to connect to eduroam wireless network.

Configuration notes are currently available for a number of platforms at Wireless section of FAQ page at CCCF site.

Connecting to Eduroam while on academic visits

When you are away from TIFR, and at a site that also participates in eduroam, you will be able to connect to their eduroam service using your TIFR eduroam credentials.

Check whether the institution you are visiting participates in eduroam.

Make sure you have configured, and checked, your system.

Most sites participating in "eduroam" use the eduroam network name. If you go to a site that does not, you should follow local instructions to connect to the correct service.

It is recommended that you connect each of your device to the eduroam network inside TFIR campus first, and accept certificates, before using the device in other institutes.

Restrictions with Eduroam at TIFR

For security reasons "ssh" to TIFR internal network is not permitted from eduroam for both TIFR users and outsiders. For this facility you will have to connect to TIFR-WIFI network.

In order to provide a consistent service for all wireless users and to keep traffic usage levels with acceptable limits, traffic on eduroam is monitored for excessive use. Bulk download is not permitted from eduroam.

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