Dear New Joinee Welcome to TIFR steps will help you in acquiring various intranet and email services of the institute.

The first step that you need is to acquire an employee code. Establishment section (Room No. A157) will enter your details and provide you with an employee code which is unique identification and is often referred to as computer code or idcode also. Please be aware that the employee code can be created by Establishment section within two to five days.

People finder is a web based application that provides your contact details on the intranet as well as internet. The day after employee detail filled in by Establishment Section you will have a presence in the people finder. In case you have your employee code and do not find yourself in people finder, please contact computer center extension no 2121

A digital photograph is required to be clicked by the institute photography section. ; Photography section : C-131

All employees are expected to use an official email account in the institute. The request for email can be sent to the Computer Center using the Signup Tool and following the steps provided there.

Wifi (Wireless Internet Connectivity) Facility is available in the institute. The request for Wifi can be sent to the Computer Center using the Service Request System

For login you have to use LDAP / Mailhost login credentails. After login please follow the below steps for registering your device(s) for TIFR WiFi

Steps are as follows:
  • Visit CC Service Tab
  • Click on Application for wireless internet access for TIFR Students/Users link.
  • Register one by one by clicking Add New Button
  • Please note after submitting application the request first goes to your selected supervisor for approval. After the supervisor approval request then comes to Computer Center for enabling the Wifi device(s)

For any other IT related queries raise a service request at SRS