Email Server

1. A centralized mailhost ( receives and stores/forwards emails which may be accessed via POP or IMAP servers. A webmail service allowing access to email via web browsers is also available.

2. A MAIL service (, receives emails from DATANET only. A webmail service allowing access to email via web browsers is available.


A dedicated web server provides a platform for hosting institute, departmental and personal web pages.
Apache webserver 2.4.37
PHP 7.4.16 with the following extensions enabled


MySQL 8.0.21
Java JDK 1.8.0_265
Perl 5.26.3
Python 2.7 and 3.2

FTP Server

A centralized FTP server ftp.tifr.res.instores user data.which may be accessed via Internet Web browser.
Files under every user's home directory are publically accessible to other users in this server. Any one who wants to protect his directories can set permission using command: chmod 700 . (the 'dot' at end)


A centralized SSL-VPN service (For Windows/MAC:; For Linux: configuration is to have a single main internal network with remote nodes using VPN to gain full access to the TIFR net. The remote nodes are commonly remote employees working from other than TIFR network.

HPC(cchpc12) Cluster

cchpc12 cluster configuration is: 3.3 GHz, 32 cores (Physical cores only), 6 nodes. (P7 is capable of doing 8 operations per cycle)
(a) peak theoretical
Peak performance = CPU clock speed * no. of cores * no. of nodes * operations per cycle
So, Peak performance = 3.3 GHz * 32 * 6 * 8 = 5068.8 Gflops (ie., 5.0688 TFlops)
(b) on linpack
We obtained the sustained performance of 3.616 TFlops (71.33 % of peak)

TIFRC4 Server

Computational Server (
Server operating system platform is RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.0
Hardware configuration:
CPU: 4Nos., Intel Xeon 2.4Ghz
Core: 4 core
Memory: 64GB
Hard disk: 2x146GB (for operating system)
Storage: 6x146GB (for scratch file)
GCC libraries are installed on the server.

TIFRC5 Server

Computational Server (
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.7
Application: Gaussian

Style Switcher

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