Research Areas

X-Ray and Gamma Ray Astronomy

Research in this domain focusses on areas like X-ray spectroscopy of stellar coronae; galactic black hole candidates; cataclysmic variables; nuclei of active galaxies and quasars; hot interstellar medium and supernova remnants; binary X-ray pulsars; rotation powered pulsars and magnetars; neutron stars in accreting binary systems; accretion disks - jet connection and origin of jets

Infrared and Optical Astronomy

Groups at TIFR study star formation in our galaxy and other spiral galaxies; structure and energetics of galactic star forming regions; radiative transfer in interstellar clouds; circumstellar shells; young stellar objects and AGB stars; physics and chemistry of photon dominated regions; and the galactic structure in infrared.

Theoretical Astrophysics

The theoretical astrophysicists at TIFR work on a range of topics: solar physics and helioseismology; spin evolution of neutron stars; accretion powered pulsars; relativistic accretion around black holes; neutrino induced nucleosynthesis; gravitational lensing; supernovae and nuclear astrophysics; large scale structure of the universe and cosmology; general relativity, quantum gravity and gravitational collapse.


A list of recent publications can be found here.