Tata Institute of Fundamental Research


Shobhona Sharma

Senior Professor (Retd. Feb. 2018)

Biology of malarial parasite

Biochemistry, Biophysics, Immunology, Molecular Biology

We are exploring various aspects of biology of the malaria parasite (Plasmodium species) and the host-parasite interactions, during the red blood cell (RBC) stages of the infection. We study acquired immunity to malaria, as well as metabolic changes caused by the infection in the host, through the course of the disease. We also assess flexibility and dynamics of parasite infected RBCs using optical tweezers. In collaboration with ICT, Mumbai, we explore nanolipid carrier-mediated delivery of antimalarials. We have also initiated a study on the effect of mild malaria in the brain of the vertebrate host.

** Please Note: No position for project or student trainee is available in my lab until further notice. **

Selected Publications

Jain SA, Basu H, Prabhu PS, Soni U, Joshi MD, Mathur D, Patravale VB, Pathak S, Sharma S (2014) Parasite impairment by targeting Plasmodium-infected RBCs using glyceryl-dilaurate nanostructured lipid carriers. Biomaterials 35:6636

Das S, Basu H, Sivakami S, Tewari R, Sharma S (2012) Arrest of nuclear division in Plasmodium through blockage of erythrocyte surface exposed ribosomal protein P2. PLOS Pathogens 8:e1002858

Das S, Rajagopal S, Sivakami S, Sharma S (2012) Erythrocytic stage dependent regulation of oligomerization of Plasmodium ribosomal protein P2. Journal of Biological Chemistry 287:41499

Pathak S, Rege M, Gogtay NJ, Aigal U, Sharma SK, Valecha N, Bhanot G, Kshirsagar NA, Sharma S (2012) Age-dependent sex bias in clinical malarial disease in hypoendemic regions. PLOS ONE 7: e35592

Sonawat HM, Sharma S (2012) Host responses in malaria disease evaluated through nuclear magnetic resonance-based metabonomics. Clinics in Laboratory Medicine 32:129

Bambardekar K, Dharmadhikari AK, Dharmadhikari JA, Mathur D, Sharma S (2008) Measuring erythrocyte deformability with fluorescence, fluid forces and optical trapping. Journal of Biomedical Optics 13:064021