Zebrafish Epidermis Research Laboratory

How tissues are sculpted during morphogenesis has remained one of the major unresolved questions in developmental biology. The sculpting is driven by acquisition of cellular features such as a particular shape, size and polarization. We are using zebrafish as a model to understand how these various cellular features are acquired, modulated and maintained during morphogenesis to acquire the epidermal architecture.

  • Lab Picture
  • The labyrinthine ridge at the Olympics- By Clyde Pinto
  • Scanning Electron Micrograph of Zebrafish Embryo
  • MyoVB morphant showing presence of low pH compartments, Sonal, Sidhaye <i>et al</i> 2014
  • E-cadherin staining marking the peridermal cell
  • Laminin Distribution in 36hpf Zebrafish Embryo Head, Nagendran <i> et al </i>, 2015
  • Phaloidin marking the actin microrideges in Tubingen 6dpf
  • Acetylated tubulin staining showing optic chiasma