Tata Institute of Fundamental Research


Graduate Course Work

BASIC COURSES (August - December session, Autumn Semester)

No. of credits
Biochemistry (DBS 1001) 2
Molecular Biology (DBS 1002) 2
Cell Biology (DBS 1003) 2
Genetics (DBS 1004) 2
Techniques in Molecular Biology/Research Tools (DBS 1006) 2
Developmental Biology (DBS 1007) 2

ADVANCED COURSES (January - June session, Spring Semester)

Biology of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions (DBS 2001) 4
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (DBS 2002) 4
Molecular Parasitology (DBS 2003) 4
Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (DBS 2004) 4
Single Molecule Biophysics (DBS 2005) 4
Advanced Course in Cell Biology (DBS 2006) 4
Advanced Course on Motor Proteins and Intra-cellular Transport (DBS 2007) 4
Analyzing Numbers in Biology (DBS 3001) 4
Computational Biology (STCS) 4
Optical Spectroscopy (DCS) 4

For courses being offered in academic year 2017-18, click here.

For more details about each course, please contact respective course coordinator.


1. Credit requirements for registration
M.Sc. - 12 credits
Ph.D. - 20 credits
Int. Ph.D. - 28 credits
Further details about credit requirements and other program related information is available online.

2. Basic and advanced courses run during August and February semesters, respectively. Students have to register for courses at the DBS office.

3. All basic courses are mandatory and students are advised not to take any outside DBS/TIFR courses during the first semester.

4. Each advanced course is offered alternate years. DBS 3000 series advanced courses are offered by external teachers, thus may not be available alternate years. Additional advanced courses, apart from ones listed above, can also be offered.

5. Ph.D. and Int. Ph.D. students have to take a minimum of 2 and 4 advanced courses, respectively. Students should opt for the most relevant advanced courses after consulting their PIs and depending upon the number of credits required for registration (see program specific details).

6. 50% is considered as pass marks. Students who have failed in any course will have to repeat the course and both the attempts will show up in the final transcripts. No repetitions will be allowed to “better” their marks.

7. Students who fail in two or more basic courses will have to leave the program. In addition students who have failed in two or more courses (basic and advanced together) will not be allowed to register.

8. There are no credits for Annual talks, Project-I and Project-II.

9. Breaks in classes are restricted to Annual talks, Project seminars and holidays are restricted to TIFR official holidays. Leave of absence should be notified to the respective instructor and course coordinator.

10. Contact Dr.Sreelaja Nair for any clarifications about the course work and Prof. Sandhya Koushika for information about MSc program/student affairs.