From Stem Cells to Therapies

February 6-8, 2014

TIFR, Mumbai, India


This focussed meeting will bring together leaders in the area of adult neural stem cells, with talks spanning from the basic developmental programs that regulate neural stem cells, the role of neural stem cells in physiology, function and behavior, to their dysregulation in psychiatric and neurological disorders, and the therapeutic potential of neural stem cells. 


The fact that the adult mammalian brain can generate new neurons, at least in discrete regions, throughout the lifespan of the organism has generated immense excitement for both basic neurobiologists and clinicians interested in the promise that this discovery holds. In distinct neurogenic zones of the mammalian nervous system, stem cells/ progenitors divide to give birth to immature neurons that then migrate and integrate functionally into local circuits. The process of adult neurogenesis has been observed in most mammalian species including rodents, monkeys, and humans. In addition neural stem cells have been isolated from living tissue and differentiated in vitro. The ability to harness the process of neurogenesis bears promise for the repair of neuronal damage/restoring circuit function and the idea that transplantation of neural stem cells may be used to repair brain regions that are inherently non-neurogenic is also a tantalizing possibility that is the focus of considerable research interest.  

We have a very exciting group of speakers from across the world i.e. US, Europe,  Australia, Japan and India. The meeting will actively encourage student and postdoctoral fellow participation through poster sessions and discussion groups.