How to get to TIFR?


To come to TIFR from either train terminus, (Churchgate for Western Railways and CST for Central railways), take a taxi to "Navy Nagar." Ask to be take via Cuffe parade rather than via Colaba market. DO NOT turn into Cuffe Parade, but keep going straight past the Cuffe parade signal. After some distance you will go past a Small Circle; then at the BIG CIRCLE make a right turn. You will now be on Homi Bhabha Road. TIFR is at the very end of this road, on the left side, just before the road dead-ends in the sea. There is a security gate at the entrance. If you get lost, a good landmark is that the Last (terminus) of the No. 3. bus is on Homi Bhabha Road a little before TIFR. This is a well-known bus route and will help people guide you.


By Bus, from CST, Nos. 3, 6(Ltd), 11(Ltd) terminate on Homi Bhabha Road. From Churchgate, No. 137 terminates on Homi Bhabha Road.