Welcome to the Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science (CMPMS) at TIFR ! Research in CMPMS asks questions about the nature of materials that are in the condensed state – familiar condensed phases like solids or liquids, but also more exotic phases such as the superconducting phase at low temperatures, magnetically-ordered phases etc. We also work on semiconductors and nanostructured materials, and soft-matter. We study the electronic, physical, mechanical, optical, and chemical properties of materials, in relation to their structure. Our emphasis is on the experimental measurement of various properties using different probes in an attempt to understand the underlying physical behavior. We fabricate optoelectronic, plasmonic, and superconducting device structures that serve as test sytems to study novel phenomena and also enable real world applications.

Research Areas

A common question across various research groups is how electrons organize themselves in different materials giving rise to a host of interesting physical phenomena. Strongly correlated electrons are responsible for many phenomena in solid-state physics,... Read More

Experimental Facilities

From exploring basic materials properties to the fabrication of advanced electronic, nano-mechanical, and optoelectronic devices, the experimental facilities in CMPMS are comparable to the best world-wide. These include materials synthesis facilities like single-crystal growth,...Read More

World of Opportunities

From superconductors and magnetic materials, to semiconductors and nanostructured metals, research in CMPMS covers a diverse range of “matter that matters” in today’s world. The diversity of systems and phenomena available for study makes condensed matter physics the most active field of contemporary physics today. Not surprisingly, it is also the area of physics with the widest choice of job prospects.Our graduate students have gone on to exciting careers in academia and industry across the world. This website provides a snapshot of some of the work being done in our department. Feel free to contact individual faculty members and find out more about their research. We hope you will have fun exploring CMPMS@TIFR!