Mandar Deshmukh

Professor Mandar Deshmukh

Professor Mandar Deshmukh
Office : C-234
Office Phone : 22782829
Lab : CG-29
Lab Phone : 22782796
Email : deshmukh[at]
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The focus of our research is to look at nanoscale phenomenon in nanowires and graphene. At present we are pursuing research in four main areas

  1. Quantum Hall effect in graphene with the focus on the non-equilibrium regime and electromechanics using graphene
  2. Electrical and spin transport in InAs Nanowires
  3. Electromechanics in nanowires
  4. Probe phase transition in nanostructures using electromechanical devices

Research Scholars

  1. Biswajit Datta
  2. Subhajit Sinha
  3. Pratap Adak
  4. Supriya Mandal

Post Doc

  1. Subhamay Ghatak
  2. SLD Verma

Staff Members

  1. Digamber Jangade
  2. Santosh Shinde
  1. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in Physical Sciences [2015]
  2. IBM Faculty Award [2012]
  3. Swarnajayanthi Fellowship [2012]
  4. B. M. Birla Science Prize in Physics [2011]
  5. TWAS Young Affiliate