Pratap Raychaudhuri

Professor Pratap Raychaudhuri

Professor Pratap Raychaudhuri
Office : C-342
Office Phone : 22782201
Lab : CG-24
Lab Phone : 22782475
Email : pratap[at]
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Point contact and Tunneling spectroscopy, Thin films, Colossal Magnetoresistance

  1. Phase fluctuations in a strongly disordered s-wave NbN superconductor close to the metal-insulator transition Mintu Mondal, Anand Kamlapure, Madhavi Chand, Garima Saraswat, Sanjeev Kumar, John Jesudasan, L. Benfatto, Vikram Tripathi and Pratap Raychaudhuri Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 047001 (2011).
  2. Penetration depth and tunneling studies in very thin epitaxial NbN films Anand Kamlapure, Mintu Mondal, Madhavi Chand, Archana Mishra, John Jesudasan, Vivas Bagwe, L. Benfatto, Vikram Tripathi and Pratap Raychaudhuri Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 072509 (2010).
  3. Temperature dependence of transport spin polarization in NdNi5 measured using Point Contact Andreev reflection Sourin Mukhopadhyay, Pratap Raychaudhuri, Devang A. Joshi and C. V. Tomy Phys. Rev B 75, 014504 (2007).
  4. Mechanism of the size dependence of superconductivity in nanocrystalline Nb Sangita Bose, Pratap Raychaudhuri, Rajarshi Banerjee, Parinda Vasa, Pushan Ayyub Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 147003 (2005).
  5. Evidence of gap anisotropy in superconducting YNi2B2C using directional point contact spectroscopy P Raychaudhuri, D Jaiswal-Nagar, Goutam Sheet, S Ramakrishnan and H Takeya, Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 156802 (2004).

Research Scholars

  1. Indranil Roy
  2. Somak Basishtha
  3. Surajit Datta

Post Doc Fellows

  1. Aditya N Raychoudhuri

Staff Members

  1. John Jesudasan
  2. Vivas Bagwe
  1. 2014: Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Physical Sciences
  2. 2009: NASI-Scopus Young Scientist Award, 2009
  3. 2006: Anil Kumar Bose Memorial Medal by the Indian National Science Academy
  4. 2003: INSA Medal for Young Scientists
  5. 2001: TAA-Geeta Udgaonkar Award for the Best Ph.D. Thesis in Physical Sciences
  6. 1999: Awarded First Prize for presentation titled "Colossal magneto-resistance: novel properties, new materials and a new model" at the Annual Colloquium for Young Physicists organised by Indian Physical Society, Kolkata
  7. 1995: Prof. K.L. Chopra endowment prize for the best experimental (M.Sc.) project, IIT Kharagpur