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Professor Pushan Ayyub

Professor Achanta Venugopal
Office : C-236
Office Phone : 22782910
Lab : D-329
Lab Phone : 22782447
Email : achanta[at]
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Metal-dielectric nanostructured materials for Photonic and Plasmonic studies

  1. Plasmon mediated magneto-optical transparency, V. I. Belotelov, L .E. Kreilkamp, I. A. Akimov, A. N. Kalish, D. A. Bykov, S. Kasture, V. J. Yallapragada, Achanta Venu Gopal, A. M. Grishin, S. I. Khartsev, M. Nue-E-Alam, M. Vailiev, L L. Doskolovich, D. R. Yakovlev, K. Alameh, A. K. Zvezdin, and M. Bayer, Nature Communications 4, 2128 (2013)
  2. Strong coupling of in-plane propagating plasmon modes and their control,S. Kasture, P. Mandal, S. Dutta Gupta, Achanta Venu Gopal, Opt. Express 21, 13187 (2013)
  3. Goos-Hanchen shifts in harmonic generation from metals, V. J. Yallapragada, Achanta Venu Gopal, G. S. Agarwal,Optics Express, Vol. 21 10878 (2013)
  4. Semiconductor waveguide circuit for coupling an InGaAs quantum dot spin to a path encoded photon, I. J. Luxmoore, N. A. Wasley, A. J. Ramsay, A. C. T. Thijssen, R. Oulton, M. Hugues, S. Kasture, Achanta Venu Gopal, A. M. Fox, M. S. Skolnick, Phys. Rev. Letts. 110 037402 (2013)
  5. Near Dispersion-less surface plasmon polariton resonances at a metal-dielectric interface with patterned dielectric on top, S. Kasture, P. Mandal, A. Singh, A. Ramsay, A. S. Vengurlekar, S. Dutta Gupta, Achanta Venu Gopal, Appl. Phys. Letts. 101, 091602 (2012)
  6. Enhanced magneto-optical effects in magnetoplasmonic crystals, V.I. Belotelov, I.A. Akimov, M. Pohl, V.A. Kotov, S. Kasture, A. S.Vengurlekar, Achanta Venu Gopal, D.R. Yakovlev, A.K. Zvezdin, M. Bayer, Nature NanoTech. 6, 370-376 (2011)

Research Scholars

  1. Abhinav Kala
  2. Banoj Kumar Nayak

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  1. Chi Nageshwara Rao

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  1. Gajendra Mulay