Title : Coupling of Computational and Experimental Methods to Solve Real World Problems: From Reactive Intermediates to Green Chemistry

Abstract :

Reactive intermediates are key elements of almost all facets of chemistry, thus, their identification and characterization is of utmost importance. Computational and experimental efforts to characterize early events in the photochemistry of various carbonyl azides will be presented in this seminar. In particular, discussion will be focused on the observation of excited states of carbonyl azides, and dynamics of their decompositions leading to both singlet caronylnitrene and corresponding isocyanate isomer. Furthermore, attempts to observe vinylidene for the first time by femtosecond absorption spectroscopy will be summarized along with excited state calculations.

The seminar will conclude with the current research efforts in green chemistry and environmental sciences along with future research plans and possible research partnerships to establish a sustainable research group.