Title :

Understanding Bio-molecular Interactions for Novel Drug Discovery: Biophysical Approach

Abstract :

More than the synthesis of a large number of new molecules, the challenge faced by the pharmaceutical industries is to exploit the wealth of these compounds and relate their activity to the mode of interaction with the relevant targets of biological importance. This requires an in-depth understanding of intermolecular interactions responsible for therapeutic intervention. Recent advances in methodologies to unravel the intricate intermolecular interactions have added tremendous amount of understanding in such phenomenon. The talk will address biophysical approach to understand the binding of some antibiotic and anti cancer drugs with serum albumin in view of the importance of drug-protein interactions in drug delivery. This requires a detailed structural, conformational and energetic investigation. The talk will also address the screening of GlaxoSmithKline compound library in search of tuberculosis active compounds which target Mycobacterium tuberculosis topoisomerase-I through stabilized cleaved topoisomerase I - DNA complex mechanism and serve as Mycobacterium tuberculosis topoisomerase I poison to cure XDR and MDR tuberculosis.