Title :

Understanding the Photophysical Behavior of Some Exciting Biologically Relevent Probes in Homogeneous Medium and Micro-heterogeneous Environments - A Fluorescence Based Study

Abstract :

Proposed discussion will be revolve around a particular study containing the synthesis ofsome new and exciting biologically relevant probes and their derivatives having some specific applications to explore the basic photo physics of this compounds in homogeneous as well as micro-heterogeneous environment using different florescence based spectroscopic techniques.Inthis particular talk the dynamics and binding of these probes with some confined geometries, ranging from ‘‘spheres’’ (micelles) and ‘‘cones’’ (cyclodextrins) to the more complex, three-dimensional networks of structures (proteins) will be discussed extensively. The photodynamic in the “cavity-free” homogeneous media will also be discussed. The discussion will also include the verification of experimental findings through substantial quantum chemical calculations using ab-initio methods and/or density functional theory (DFT) based computations.