Title :

Designing Nanostructures in Reaction Flask

Abstract :

How to architect different nanosutuctures in solution?  From the literature survey, one can understand that all the reaction processes in designing different kinds of nanostructures are simple and handy. Just add precursors along with few specific stabilizing ligands dissolved in appropriate solvent in the reaction flask, set the reaction temperature as per their reactivity and timely harvest; this remains the main theme of the reaction for almost all nanostructures synthesis. However, on the other side, chemists always think differently and the main goal remains on understanding the crystal growth and to induce new functional properties in the designed materials. Hence, apart from the injections of the precursors and cooking in a reaction flask, the physics and chemistry involved in the nanomaterials synthesis puzzle the chemists. However, it is really exciting to find peculiar kinds of nanostructures under the microscope, and that again boosts up when the shape evolution is tagged with the reaction chemistry followed in the reaction flask. In last thirty years, the field has improved tremendously and a wide variety of nanomaterials are already designed and reported. But, while functional materials are concerned, as per the development of new technology, developments of new materials with improved materials properties are always in demand. Keeping this view in mind, this talk would present the state of art in development of chemical synthesis of one of the most demanding functional materials, Heterostructured nanomaterials. A detail study on the physics and chemistry of designing such materials with semiconductor-semiconductor and semiconductor-noble metal hetero-junctions would be discussed. In addition, the formation mechanism in bringing two dissimilar materials with different physical/chemical properties together and the tuning of materials properties through hetero-structure formation would be presented.