Title :

Purpose-built Molecules & Molecular Assemblies for Predictive Optical Responses

Abstract :

Designing molecules or molecular assemblies that are capable of functioning in predictive manner in presence of a certain external stimulation is an area that has fascinated most chemists since long. The rich database on various synthons for non-bonding interactions as well as synthetic intricacies in making organic/inorganic molecules has provided means for achieving molecular assembly or function in a desired fashion. Our research interests include harnessing both coordinative interactions as well as various non-bonding interactions for realizing desired functions of a molecule or molecular assembly.


Over the recent years, dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) have emerged as the major cost effective alternative for efficient harvesting of solar power. However, conversion efficiency of these DSSCs is still lower than that of the silicon-based photovoltaic cells. Among various factors, nature of the anchoring group and thus the synthesis of purpose-built sensitizer molecule contribute significantly in designing an efficient dye. Our sustained efforts on this aspect shall be discussed to reveal the relationship between the design aspects, dynamics of the photoinduced processes and the mechanistic elucidation for explaining the possible efficiency of the DSSC.  


We could also demonstrate that changes in molecular conformation or motions in a supramolecular assembly could actually be probed by monitoring changes in optical responses in an appropriately designed host-guest assembly and such examples are scanty in contemporary literature. Some of our recent efforts on this issue shall also be discussed in the presentation.