Title :

Light-matter strong coupling: a molecular perspective

Abstract :

Light-matter interactions have been extensively studied by physicist in quantum optics and condensed matter physics, [1] but there are only fewer attempts to understand this effect in molecular science. [2, 3] Here, we are trying to understand the hybridization of photons with organic and semiconductor molecules in a confined electromagnetic field created by Fabry-Perot cavities or plasmonic nanostructures. Our studies clearly show that both the physical and chemical properties of such systems can be changed drastically. For example, chemical reaction rates, thermodynamics, work function, phase transition and conductivity etc. of molecular systems are affected upon strong coupling. [4-7] First part of the presentation mainly covers different aspects of electronic strong coupling (ESC) and later about our recent developments on ground state vibrational strong coupling (VSC) and its impact on modifying molecular properties. [8, 9] Last part of the presentation discusses the future perspective of this new emerging area of physical chemistry.



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