Title :

Organometallic Complexes: Application Spanning from Cataysis to Material Chemistry

Abstract :

Catalysis of organic reactions is one of the most important applications of organometallic chemistry and has been a significant factor in the rapid development of the field as a whole. Organometallic complexes now have numerous applications in the pharmaceuticals, fine chemical, and in material chemistry and are beginning to contribute to the rising topic of energy and green chemistry. The first part of my talk consist of synthesis of unconventional organometallic systems for the hydroamination reaction (addition of amine across C-C multiple bond). The main focus will be on the development of novel bimetallic complexes and their application. The second part of my talk consist of development of metal complexes using phenalenyl (PLY) based ligand systems. PLY is a well-known building block for constructing organic radical based materials for its ability to exist in three redox active states such as cation, neutral radical and anion by accepting sequential electron into its nonbonding molecular orbital (NBMO). The discussion will be utilizing the cationic state of the PLY unit to develop metal complexes for application in catalysis and spintronics.