Title :

Development of Cost Effective Organometallic Catalysts for Ccompounds of Industrial Interest

Abstract :

Catalysis is one of the most important branches of chemistry because it enables the production of new molecules and materials that have impact on numerous final applications. Some 75% of all commercially-produced chemical products involve catalysts at some stage in their manufacture, and catalytic processes generate ca. £700Bn in products worldwide annually. Hence, an inexpensive and environmentally benign transition-metal surrogate based catalytic systems, replacing scarce, toxic, and expensive transition metals, is a pressing need. In first part of my talk, I will discuss about the development of earth abundant metal based complexes using pincer ligand scaffold for the (de)hydrogenation reaction(s) of small molecules of industrial importance. This involves synthesis of novel catalytic systems and understanding of the catalytic reactions with a focus on the mechanistic aspect. The second part of my talk consist of development of novel ligand framework based on the cationic phosphine unit, starting from elemental white phosphorous and application in carbon dioxide sequestration chemistry. Additionally, synthesis of metal complexes based on the phosphate back bone relevant for material application will be discussed