Title :

Soft-oxometalates, Polyoxometalates, Light and Chemistry

Abstract :

Many metal centres, many oxygen atoms and usually charged species can be formally defined as polyoxometalates. They are crystalline and exist in solid state and also as molecular ions in solutions. In our group we explore the formation of unusually large polyoxometalates like that of [Mo132] and it will be discussed. Using light their photocatalytic activities in various organic reactions have also been explored by us and has led to the synthesis of polymeric materials and speciality organic compounds. All such aspects will be discussed and presented. However there exists a liquid like colloidal paradigm based on oxometalates which has been proposed by us to be called soft-oxometalates. Being colloidal they provide a unique opportunity for patterning of polyoxometalates on a microscopic chip using thermo-optic laser tweezers. Such soft states of oxometalates in conjugation with polymeric organic frameworks have been patterned to catalyse simple oxidation reactions and will also be discussed. Finally the use of soft-oxometalates in achieving CO2 reduction coupled with water oxidation will be demonstrated which opens up new possibilities of using these materials for photochemical reduction reactions coupled with oxidation reactions and the reverse.