Title :

Curvature remodelling of cell membranes: from the biochemistry to the biophysics

Abstract :

A biological cell is a complex soft matter system in which many of physical and chemical processes span multiple spatial and temporal scales. The various theoretical and computational tools developed in the context of soft matter physics can be utilized to build highly quantitative models to investigate these processes, and gain new insights specifically in the mesoscale (order of 100 nm). In this talk, I will show how computational models at various spatiotemporal scales along with multiscale bridging techniques may be used to develop biophysical models that closely relate to the underlying biochemical information. I will demonstrate these aspects using two specific problems: (i) estimating the excess area in a cell membrane through the extraction of tethers, and (ii) atomistic to thermodynamic descriptions of the spontaneous membrane remodeling activity of ENTH and Exo70 domain containing proteins.