Title :

Designing Carbon-Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Energy Applications

Abstract :

The ever increasing world energy needs, the severity of environmental pollution issues, limited fossil fuel resources, have triggered extensive research in pursuit of efficient renewable energy sources and sustainable storage technologies. Electrochemical capacitors (ECs) often called supercapacitors (SCs) are promising clean energy storage solutions for high power management and grid applications. In general, the ultimate performance characteristics of SCs primarily depend on the way constituent electrode materials are engineered and how the electrodes are fabricated. The presentation is aimed at exploring three important aspects of the SC, such as i) simple, continuous and energy-efficient method to synthesize high-quality carbon nanomaterials such as hydrophilic carbon nano-onions (CNOs), ii) enhancing performance of such nanocarbon by various nanocomposites and efficient heteroatoms doping techniques, iii) working on different SC configurations (symmetric & asymmetric) to enhance the specific energy and power density of the device and iv) to evaluate the device performance by using industrially recommended best practices and methods to get reliable performance data using fabricated devices which actually mimic the real supercapacitor in market. The carried out PhD research work essentially establishes an inherent relationship among synthesis-structure-property-application of as-synthesized CNOs, its nanocomposites and doped CNOs at the nanoscale.