Title :

Physico-chemical Aspects of Synthesis, Characterization of Nanostructured Materials and its Biological Applications

Abstract :

Nanoparticles are promising candidate in interdisciplinary research in the field of physics, chemistry and biology. This talk includes synthesis of different type of nanomaterials (core and core shell quantum dots, silver nanoparticle, graphene, nanowire) and nano-bio conjugate with some interesting features and also thermodynamics involved in the formation of nanohybrids. Synthesis in aqueous route is preferred in order to allow the nanoparticles well-suited for biological applications. However, organic synthesis leads to better quality nanoparticles. Surface functionalization of organic nanoparticles with different organic ligands and biomolecules is another way to make them water soluble as well as biocompatible. Next, interaction of some important biological molecules, e.g. enzyme, peptide, vitamin etc. with the as synthesized quantum dot nanoparticles will be described, and a simple strategy for sensing those biomolecules have been proposed based on the fluorescence based interaction between quantum dot nanoparticles and biomolecules. Further designing quantum dot nanoparticle based multichannel biosensor will be discussed for sensing human serum proteins. Next, enhancing enzyme activity through incorporating nanoparticles into enzyme, i.e. designing nanozyme will be discussed.