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Energy Relevant Processes Catalyzed by Corrole Metal Complexes


We have recently introduced corrole metal complexes (metallocorroles) as catalysts for various energy-relevant reactions. This includes those that are of prime importance for the electrochemical splitting of water into its elements, as well as the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions. Tuning of the redox potentials, M(I)/M(II) for proton reduction, M(II)/M(III) for oxygen reduction, and M(III)/M(IV)/M(V) for water oxidation (M= Fe, Co, or Mn), is achieved via variations of substituents on the corrole ligand. Practical catalysis is achieved via immobilization onto carbon electrodes, while mechanism-of-action insight is obtained by performing homogenous catalysis and characterization of reaction intermediates. The thus achieved conclusions are used for hypothesis-driven changes in the catalyst’s structures as to achieve the desired properties required for optimal catalytic efficacy and selectivity. This will be demonstrated by the introduction of newly developed catalysts with trifluoromethyl substituents.




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