Title :

Electrocatalysis and gas solid catalysis by Pt ions in perovskites: A comparison between supported and the doped catalysts

Abstract :

In this work, La1-xSrxCoO3 perovskite have been used as a host oxide for Pt doping and Pt supported system. The solution combustion and chemical reduction method have been adopted for the catalyst synthesis. Three selected reactions have been investigated in detail during the studies, namely the oxygen evolution reaction (OER), formic acid electro-oxidation and CO oxidation. The catalytic and electro-catalytic differences between the Pt doped and Pt-supported system has been studied. It was found that there are significant differences between the Pt-doped and Pt-supported systems for electro-catalytic and catalytic reactions. Activity of the catalyst depends on the particular reaction selected for comparison.  We hope that the results presented in this work are a worthwhile contribution to catalysis.