Title :

Morphology Optimization and Photophysical Studies of Perovskite Solar Cell

Abstract :

There is an urgent need to shift all existing power systems such as household electricty, transportation, etc. on renewable and clean sources of  energy such as solar and wind energy etc. To harness solar energy lot of new materials have been discovered that caused the generational evolution of solar cells. Recently, organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells (PSCs), a third generation solar cell, have received significant research interest due to its high efficiency and low cost fabrication. The major research focus of PSCs is on interface modification, compositional engineering and morphology tailoring since these factors plays crucial role in efficiency modulation. We found that perovskite film morphology and photophysics are the crucial factors in fabricating highly efficient and stable solar cells. We optimized the morphology ofCH3NH3PbI3  perovskites film at room temperature using dual solvent elimination method, antisolvent treatment and solvent annealing and found that these methods are very important to grain size engineering.